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Sandbox Test for the HowToUseThisWiki markup(Edit)

Use "t2t" as a password for editing pages

  • test unicode: 人生 •
    • オオカミ
  • 人生苦短,我用Python
    • Zoom.Quiet


eee rrr ttt

section2 (Edit)

ddd fff ggg

section3 (Edit)

ccc fff ggg

Preformated Code

test + test 2 + test3

Title level 1(Edit)

test 1...

Title level 2 (Edit)

  • test
  • test 2

    !! Title level 3

    !!! Title level 4

1. Numbered Title level 1

1.1. Numbered Title level 2

1.1.1. Numbered Title level 3

below is a comment

above is a comment

For beautifiers we have bold and italic.

Double beautifier; with bold and italic

There is also underline, strike and monospaced.

  • This is a list of items
  • Just use hyphens
    • More indent opens a sublist

      Two blank lines close all the lists.

  1. Change the hyphen by a plus
  2. And you have a numbered list
    1. Same rules apply

An empty item closes the current list.

Definition list
A list with terms
Start term with colon
And its definition follows

A quoted paragraph is prefixed

by a TAB.
More TABs, more deep.

No TAB or blank line, closes quote.

A verbatim area is enclosed
      inside three backquotes.
**Marks** are not interpreted
     and spacing is preserved.
Verbatim line is nice for commands

Code inside

test txt2tags table :

Table Heading Table Heading
Table align
lines is
with cell nice!

A separator line:

And a stronger one:
(At least 20 chars)



remote image :

pmwiki style :


txt2tags style


--test3 --


  • bullet 1
  • bullet 2
    • subbullet 1
    • subbullet 2
      • subsubbullet 1
    • subbullet 3

      ! titre2

  1. liste 1
    1. liste 2
      1. liste 3


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Vous pouvez avoir également une vision d'ensemble sur tous mes jeux depuis cette page (en anglais) : http://ifdb.tads.org/showuser?id=8b63iggeafjjqlt7

Il reste encore sur ce site :

Test table 1 cell 2 cell 3
cell 1 cell 2

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