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New Implementations (Edit)

Python v3 (Edit)

Python v3 is an important new version for python. It will also not be backward compatible. So it really makes sense to use python v3 for txt2tags v3. It will also strengthen the encoding handling (unicode by default, etc...) of txt2tags.

  1. Using the converter 2to3 (http://docs.python.org/library/2to3.html), explore what is/could be broken with the current txt2tags v2 series
  2. Start the implementation of the core parser as a clean python module (command line support using the 2to3 version)
  3. Analyze the impact of the incoming deprecation of the % operator (see PEP3101 (http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-3101/))
  4. Start a new implementation, from scratch, in python v3. More modular, more extensible.

  • Requirements: python
  • Level: medium/difficult
  • Contact: Emmanuel

PHP (Edit)

**it's done! See http://txt2tags.org/txt2tags.form.php**

With its simple and clean syntax, while remaining flexible, extensible and multi-target, txt2tags syntax is a very good candidate to be like a universal wiki syntax. Having an implementation in pure PHP would ease the integration in existing wiki engines.

  1. Implement the core syntax of txt2tags in php
  2. Assert the needed level of support of the txt2tags specification (besides the core syntax)
    • macros need a study of the correspondance between python and php regexes.
    • support of wiki autolinking (CamelCase and the likes)
  3. implement fully txt2tags in php, from scratch
  4. convert from html to t2t (see the markdown converter)

  • Requirements: php
  • Level: difficult
  • Contact: ???

Tests Suite (Edit)

There is already a really comprehensive tests suite but this shall be improved to support more targets (as the number of targets is increasing), and to be easily usable for new implementations.

  1. add more targets to the tests suite
  2. build architecture for use with the new upcoming implementations

  • Requirements: python, unit tests methodology knowledge
  • Level: medium/difficult
  • Contact: AurĂ©lio

User Interface (Edit)

Improvements for the CLI (Edit)

txt2tags has a small set of options. Some improvements are welcomed.

  1. Multiple target on the -t option:
    txt2tags -t txt,html,tex input.t2t
  2. Multiple target on the settings:
    %!options(html,xhtml,sgml): --toc
  3. Easier access to user files: a directory .txt2tags with configuration files instead/along with the file .txt2tagsrc
  4. New ideas

  • Requirements: python
  • Level: easy
  • Contact: AurĂ©lio

Graphical Wizard (Edit)

txt2tags is a command line tool. It can also launch a simple GUI wizard. The goal of this package is to improve the desktop integration of this wizard.

  1. rewriting of the wizard as a separate script using txt2tags as a python module
  2. improve the desktop integration (toolkit, menu integration, ...)

  • Requirements: python, gnome or kde programming experience
  • Level: easy/medium
  • Contact: ???

Editor(s) Integration (Edit)

The goal is to integrate txt2tags editing into a full featured editor. A patch has been integrated for the geany editor

  1. Review of the current editor support
  2. Complete the geany integration
  3. Other editors integration

  • Requirements: GTK2 for geany, other languages/toolkits would be a plus
  • Level: medium
  • Contact: ???

Web Support (Edit)

Improvements of web standards support (Edit)

txt2tags already outputs valid HTML 4.0 Transitional and XHTML 1.0 Transitional. The goal is to support higher version.

  1. improve the support by implementing valid XHTML 1.1 output
  2. have a look at the upcoming HTML5 (for support of the <video> tag eg.)

  • Requirements: python, precise knowledge of web stantards would be a plus
  • Level: medium
  • Contact: ???

See also (Edit)

See PHP implementation

Extensions for txt2tags (Edit)

New Extension Mechanism (Edit)

It is possible to extend txt2tags functionnalities quite easily using banks of pre/postproc rules, or templates. The goal of this package is to present and to implement a comprehensive extension mechanism for txt2tags.

  1. Consolidate the existing features
  2. Discuss with the community how to cleanly extend txt2tags with plugins
  3. Implement the extension mechanism

  • Requirements: python, good communication and teamwork skills
  • Level: medium
  • Contact: Emmanuel

Proposing Extensions (Edit)

There have been feature requests and ideas for extensions for txt2tags. Using the current mechanism, and having in mind the discussions about the new extensions mechanisms (#newext), implement (without being limited to this list) the following extensions:

  • smileys: a bank of png and macros for smileys
  • beamer: add beamer LaTex class support (with multi-target in mind)
  • maths: add easy support for inputing maths formulas (for target tex and html, discuss others)
  • ...

  • Requirements: python, good communication with the community
  • Level: easy/medium
  • Contact: Emmanuel