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Proposition for a possible TOC (Edit)

Here is a possible TOC for a new complete txt2tags manual. We should also rearrange some parts so this TOC will probably be revised in the future.

  1. txt2tags for simple users
    1. include current Txt2tags User Guide
    2. include writing books
    3. include Guide: Static sites with txt2tags (if we can find a copy of the website, for example here)
    4. tips: for example from http://wiki.txt2tags.org/index.php/Main/Tips
    5. tools (text editors)
  2. txt2tags for developpers
    1. include Txt2tags Markup Rules
    2. include Guide: How to add a new target to Txt2tags
    3. tools for developpers (see here)
    4. man page

Possible outputs (Edit)

very alpha quality!

  • PDF: Attach:handbook.pdf (using the t2t LaTeX export)
  • html: Attach:handbook.html, for online viewing
  • ePub: Attach:handbook.epub (from html version for example, using a tool like Calibre)

Questions (Edit)

  • What about the comments on the content?
    • online (proprietary), such as Disqus?
    • if using something like PmWiki we can reuse the txt2tags documents, and include comments into another page

  • how to change/update the doc?
  • What about the wiki?
    • tips and contents should probably be moved from the wiki to the manual. The wiki is for the first ideas and for working, we shouldn't duplicate the doc here.