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Note: this page is about the previous version of the wiki, which used pmwiki. The new version uses a different wiki engine

The pages on this site are wiki-based pages, which means that pages can be created and edited by multiple authors. To edit a page, click the Edit link that exists somewhere on the page, usually in the header or footer.

You can check Txt2tagsAndPmWiki index.php?page= this for discovering how txt2tags and pmwiki are working together.

PmWiki and txt2tags are not (Wikipedia:)WYSIWYG - When editing a page, you see the markup text that describes the content of the page. The basic rules for page markup are simple (you will find them below).

Security (Edit)

The normal pages are password-protected (to prevent spams from bots), in this case, use "t2t" as a password for editing pages. A few pages may be reserved to the administrators of this wiki.

You must also fill the "author" name with a nickname or whatever, otherwise you won't be able to save the page (the author name is saved through the session so you don't have to enter it again when editing several pages). It helps tracking the contributions.

Syntax (Edit)

The syntax of this wiki is following the general rules of txt2tags syntax, which you can find here as a reminder. The idea is you should be able to paste here your txt2tags documents without many modifications (explained in the second part of this document).

You can also try to add bits of the pmwiki syntax but some of it may be incompatible with the txt2tags one. If possible, try to stick with the rules explained below:

  • !Title level 1
  • ""! Title level 2 ""
  • ""!! Title level 3 ""
  • ""!!! Title level 4 ""
  • + Numbered Title level 1 + etc. (numbered titles are not displayed with number, but as simple headers, they are here for compatibility purpose so you can reuse your txt2tags documents)

  • %: start a line with a percent sign and a character space before your text and it won't be displayed (will be added as a comment in the html code, so beware readers might be able to read them...)

  • For beautifiers we have **bold**, //italic//, **//bold and italic//**, __underline__, --strike-- and ``monospaced`: bold, italic, bold and italic, underline, strike and monospaced.

  • External links are made with [link text http://], but wiki link within the page on this wiki are made using this syntax: WikiPage index.php?page= description text

  • Use a leading - for creating a list of items, more indent opens a sublist. One blank line closes the lists.

  • Change the hyphen (-) by a plus (+), and you have a numbered list

  • Use ``` on the line before and the line after a verbatim area:

    A verbatim area is enclosed
          inside three backquotes.
    **Marks** are not interpreted
         and spacing is preserved.

  • Start a line with ``` and you'll get a verbatim line.

    • ``` Verbatim line is nice for commands.

  • Enclose some text between `` and `` and you'll get some code marks:

    • Code inside

  • A separator line is made with
    or ""

  • You can add a table of content with the """" command on a page.

  • Tables are not working well at the moment...

    You can use double pipe (||) instead of single ones, and it should work, like this:

    || border=1
    || Test table 1 || cell 2 || cell 3 ||
    || cell 1 || cell 2 ||

    will become:

    Test table 1 cell 2 cell 3
    cell 1 cell 2

Differences with txt2tags (Edit)

For experienced txt2tags users, you may encounter a few differences with txt2tags:

  • Numbered Title level are simple title level
  • Pre and postproc are not working
  • macro (20200120 and such) are not working, except for """"
  • The table of content is displaying a leading |, I don't know how to get rid of it. You can't use named links and anchors with TOC.
  • You must have a blank space after the % for comment to be activated
  • one line break is enough to close the lists (instead of 2 in txt2tags)
  • Definition lists are not working well
  • A quoted paragraph is prefixed by a TAB is not working
  • Raw area is behaving like verbatim area
  • Tables are not working well
  • External links are working like for txt2tags. Yet, for wiki links you must use the pmwiki syntax (WikiPage index.php?page= description text), otherwise it won't work.
  • It seems having several wiki links with description text, like the one above, on the same line, may display extra pipe (|). If it's the case, use a single line break, it will correct this and won't break the line in the rendered document (still investigating this problem).
  • if possible, avoid adding extra character spaces before setting headings (at the moment everything should work as expecting, but we may alter the current behavior in the future)
  • Deep sublists are not supported (level 3 lists should be the limit)

    If you feel there are more missing features or annoying differences, please tell us, either on this wiki, or on the txt2tags mailing list.

Other features (Edit)