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Work in progress

We'll list here the possible questions about usage of the txt2tags tools. If there is no direct link to a tool, just search for it in the wiki!

Then we'll try to make something out of this.

Converting, exporting (Edit)

Exporting from txt2tags (Edit)

  • I want to convert into several formats for displaying my document on a website supporting markdown format, for printing to pdf etc.

Writing tools (Edit)

  • I want to write txt2tags documents and highlight the syntax.

    • See Geany, Kate or Scite.

Wiki (Edit)

CMS (Edit)

  • I want to use a full featured CMS using txt2tags markup

    • Drupal module (SVN)
    • Plone module
    • Pmwiki, Dotclear, Wordpress, Dokuwiki are also viable solutions, eventhough they can be considered more wiki or blog engines.