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**Welcome to Txt2tags Wiki!**
This wiki is a way for [txt2tags http://www.txt2tags.org/] users to communicate and share ideas. The wiki system, based on [lionwiki-t2t https://bitbucket.org/farvardin/lionwiki-t2t/], is supporting the txt2tags syntax [[(learn more about this here)|Txt2tagsAndPmWiki]], 
even if there are a few differences and limitations, which you can learn [[here|HowToUseThisWiki]].

There is a [[sample page|WikiSample]] for you to discover the possibilities of txt2tags and Lionwiki-t2t. 

Once this is done, you can train on this [[sandbox page|WikiSandbox]].

The main categories are:
- The [[cookbook]] is for complete recipes (based on txt2tags) for a specific purpose.
- The [[tips]] are for quick samples which can be easy to include in an already existing txt2tags document.
- [[Other ressources|others]].

- [[See[See the recent changes|RecentChanges]].changes index.php?action=recent].

//Note: Use "t2t" as a password for editing pages. A few pages may be reserved to the administrators of this wiki//

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