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The txt2tags "recipes" are extensions in the .t2t format for adding extra features and customization to txt2tags, or complete solutions for including with third-party programs.


== Plugins ==

- LionWiki (see SVN)
- [[Tiddlywiki plugin|TiddlywikiPlugin]]
- [Plone plugin http://plone.org/products/collective.transform.txt2tags] ([other page about this  http://lagunak.gisa-elkartea.org/projects/plone-txt2tags])
- [[pmwiki cookbook|Txt2tagsAndPmWiki]]
- [dokuwiki plugin https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:txt2tags]
 - [[Help about Dokuwiki plugin|Dokuwiki]]
- [Dotclear plugin http://plugins.dotaddict.org/dc2/details/formatting-txt2tags]
- Wordpress plugin (see SVN)
- Drupal module (see SVN)
- [MoinMoin plugin http://moinmo.in/ParserMarket/txt2tags]
- [[html2wiki: convert from html to txt2tags|html2wiki]]
- [LibreOffice / OpenOffice plugin http://quasiwiki.sourceforge.net/]
- [jekyll https://github.com/aureliojargas/jekyll-txt2tags-plugin]

== Authoring tools ==

- [swx, for creating static websites https://yeuxdelibad.net/Programmation/swx_en.html]
- [Textallion, for creating books or webpage https://bitbucket.org/farvardin/textallion]
- [txt2site, for creating a whole website http://home.deds.nl/~svg_experimenten/txt2site/]
- [Tutorial on creating single PDF file from many t2t sources http://freesoftware.zona-m.net/how-to-transform-almost-plain-ascii-text-to-lulu-ready-pdf-files-part-1/]
- [Creating static sites with txt2tags http://txt2tags.wordpress.com/2007/05/01/guide-static-sites-with-txt2tags/]
- [Hari, a small CMS (Content Management System) with no database, it's all directory driven. The default appearance looks a bit like tumblr or facebook timeline. https://github.com/farvardin/Hari]. [Example http://cyoa.hostzi.com/hari]
- http://getnikola.com/ (txt2tags as markup tool)

== Others ==

- [txt2blog - Blogging with txt2tags http://greywulf.net/2007/10/16/txt2blog-want-to-know-how-to-create-a-blog-using-txt2tags//]
- [wikallion http://cyoa.hostzi.com/]
- [Txt2cyoa for creating choose-your-own-adventure games http://anamnese.online.fr/site2/txt2cyoa/samples/sample.html]
- txt2tags rendered in javascript (js): https://github.com/farvardin/txt2tagsjs
- [Script to be used together with txt2tags in order to translate formulas to MathML in the generated web pages https://github.com/Karmaki/t2t_math_ml]