//This is italicized//, and **this is bold**.

Use * or _ for emphasis.

== This is a second level header ==

Level goes from 1 to 5, === H3 ===, etc...

This is a link to [Txt2tags http://www.txt2tags.org]

First line.  
Second line.

End a line with two spaces for a linebreak.

- Unordered list item
- Unordered list item

Unordered (bulleted) lists use hyphens (-) as list markers.

+ Ordered list item
+ Ordered list item

Ordered (numbered) lists use plus symbol (-) as list markers.

    /* This is a code block */

Indent one tab for a preformatted block.

Let's talk about ``<html>``!

Use 2 backticks for inline code.


Images are exactly like links

Full Txt2tags documentation


The whole source code is available on GitHub.

Txt2tags HTML Preview