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Sandbox Test for the txt2tags markup

Use "t2t" as a password for editing pages

  • test unicode: 人生 •
    • オオカミ
  • 人生苦短,我用Python
    • Zoom.Quiet


eee rrr ttt


ddd fff ggg


ccc fff ggg

Preformated Code

test + test 2 + test3

Title level 1

test 1...

Title level 2

  • test
  • test 2

Title level 3

Title level 4

Numbered Title level 1

Numbered Title level 2

Numbered Title level 3

below is a comment

% and it will be ignored useful for TODOs! % another comment line

above is a comment

For beautifiers we have bold and italic.

Double beautifier; with bold and italic

There is also underline, strike and monospaced.

  • This is a list of items
  • Just use hyphens
    • More indent opens a sublist

Two blank lines close all the lists.

  1. Change the hyphen by a plus
  2. And you have a numbered list
    1. Same rules apply

+ + An empty item closes the current list.

Definition list

A list with terms

Start term with colon

And its definition follows :

A quoted paragraph is prefixed

by a TAB. More TABs, more deep.

No TAB or blank line, closes quote.

A verbatim area is enclosed
      inside three backquotes.
**Marks** are not interpreted
     and spacing is preserved.
Verbatim line is nice for commands

Code inside

test txt2tags table :

Table HeadingTable Heading
Tablealign |
linesis |
with cellnice! |

A separator line:

And a stronger one:

(At least 20 chars)



remote image :

pmwiki style :

txt2tags style

--test3 --


  • bullet 1
  • bullet 2
    • subbullet 1
    • subbullet 2
      • subsubbullet 1
    • subbullet 3


  1. liste 1
    1. liste 2
      1. liste 3


La plupart de mes productions, ainsi que les diverses aides pour la création de jeux, sont dorénavant sur le site

Vous pouvez avoir également une vision d'ensemble sur tous mes jeux depuis cette page (en anglais) :

Il reste encore sur ce site :

  • [Aide pour Quest ./index.php?page=ifquest]
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  • [Aide pour Hugo ./index.php?page=ifhugo]

test de lien

Test table 1cell 2cell 3
cell 1cell 2

[WikiLink] WikiLink WikiLink?

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